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Écrit par Francois Ghoche   
Mardi, 21 Avril 2009 00:00

The Palate of the Popes
or the Way of Clubs

Avignon became the residency of the Popes of the Christian catholic church in early 14th century.  Thereby, the city became the new Rome, for a moment in time.  The place thus inherited from all the prerogatives and all the duties associated to this leadership.

Indeed, as the dominant and official religion of Western Europe, the Catholic Church was responsible for driving the evolution of humans in this part of the world on the various paths for achieving their awareness of the Divine.

Beyond the framework of the religious activities of humans on the rhythms of social life, it has always existed, in this religion as in others, the means and tools to encourage and support individual pathways.

Among these tools, the pilgrimage has always occupied an important place.

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